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Welcome to the Y.O. Ranch. YO Birds provides quail hunting for the Ranch.  As you can see from other locations on the website (www.yoranch.com), the Y.O. Ranch, in Mountain Home, Texas, has a long tradition of hunting and ranching in the hill country of central Texas.  Located on 40,000 acres, the ranch provides a variety of terrain, vegetation, and hunting opportunities.  Welcome to YO Ranch
Quail hunting over dogs is what we provide.  The attached Quick Facts section summarizes and outlines our services.  We release 35 isolation-raised birds per hunter per day.  The state limit for wild birds is 15 per day and that is our goal for our bird hunters.  We will be hunting on the eastern side of the ranch on easily walkable terrain.  You will see an incredible variety of other game during the ride out to the hunting area.  If you choose to come with family members, there are numerous other activities available at the ranch, including other types of hunting, horseback riding, tours of game and exotic animals, etc.  These services can be provided at an additional cost to complete a family outing. Ranch House
Upon your arrival for the hunt, at approximately 8:30 a.m., we will go through our safety meeting, sign the necessary documentation, and secure appropriate licensing for Texas bird hunting. Then we will proceed to a shooting warm-up area, then on to the hunting area with the dogs.  For safety reasons we only allow side-by-side or over-and-under shotguns.  If you do not have one, we have guns available for a nominal fee per day.  You will be hunting approximately 13 miles from the primary ranch compound and be served lunch in the field.  There will be time to rest during the lunch hour before the afternoon hunt starts.  Weather may dictate some changes in the schedule, loading hunting more in the morning or in the afternoon.  Hunters will be back at the Y.O. Lodge by dark.  Shortly thereafter you will receive your cleaned, packaged birds. Ranch
We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.  Please go to our Quick Facts section for answers to the most commonly asked questions or call Alex Tradd at (512) 422-3325 for answers to any other questions and booking information.
We make every effort to get a full bag of birds Sweet shot